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Did you know that the average American worker now changes jobs every 1-4 years as opposed to every 25 years which was once the norm? This simple fact combined with drastic cut backs in employer sponsored group medical insurance has led to a steady rise in the affordability and feasibility of Individual and Family Health Insurance. The advent of consumer directed health insurance like High Deductible Health Plans/Health Savings Account combos are making many group health plans less a benefit and more like a burden in terms of their cost and the lack of options they impose on policy holders. Most consumers would be pleasantly surprised to find that they’re more in control of their medical insurance destiny than once thought. A health insurance plan that’s attached to you and your family’s unique needs instead your fellow employees is within reach and it has a lot to offer. So before you think you have to jump on COBRA when you leave your current job or feel the need to choose your next employer based in part on the health insurance companies and benefits they provide, take a step back and see what USA Coverage can do for you.

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Our massive database of health insurance companies will provide you with the right medical insurance plan available on the market. Every consumer’s needs are different so our health insurance quote engine do the work and find the right policy for you.

Use our resources to get health insurance quotes and information instantly and start re-thinking dependence on your employer to provide healthcare security Take control today… Start saving money and discover the many ways you are in charge of your own healthcare.

Call our Health Licensed Insurance Agent on: (888) 733-0521, TTY# (888) 777-0067


Waiting Period

In the field of health insurance, the waiting period is the time between the signing of the contract and when the insurance protection goes into effect.


Utilization refers to the method by which health insurance companies will evaluate the value of a given procedure.

Insurance: Tort

Although we all complain about legal costs, they do work in order to protect the rights of their clients when they feel they have been wronged.

Successive Periods

As a part of many health insurance policies, they will consider successive periods to refer to multiple hospital visits for the same issue.

All about Accident and Health Insurance

Accident and health insurance is an important way of protecting the finances of you and your family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Accident and Sickness Insurance

We all want to have good health, but none of us knows the future, and disability insurance will protect our finances if we are unable to work.

State of Domicile

With state regulations, all insurance companies must be licensed before they are allowed to write policies, and the state of domicile is where they are based.

Risk Retention Group

It is created to essentially help people and businesses that have troubles in acquiring a liability insurance in a traditional insurance enterprise

Risk Management

Risk management is one of those ways that companies can reduce their health care costs, as it makes their employees less likely to become injured.

Residual Benefit

Many companies offer disability coverage as a part of health insurance, which is referred to as a residual benefit, in order to help them through an illness.

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